About Us: Key People

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Delroy WebsterManaging Director

Mr. Webster, a trained Civil/ Environmental Engineer with over twenty five (25) years experience in planning, design and overall engineering and construction management. His work in the development of cellular facilities is well known and recognized in the telecommunications industry. As Managing Director, Mr. Webster assumes the overall management and responsibility

Robert Wilmot – Senior Technical Manager

Mr. Wilmot is a trained site surveying and building construction technician with over ten (10) years experience in the building and construction industry. Mr. Wilmot has developed skills in the Project Management and development of civil engineering works and the development of cellular sites. He is responsible for the management and deployment of artisans and technical staff

Vin Donaldson – Project Manager

Mr. Donaldson, a trained Project Manager and construction technician has over thirty (30) years experience in the building and construction industry with many years spent with the development of building and civil engineering projects island wide for various governmental and private entities. Mr. Donaldson is responsible for programming, project coordination and monitoring of all the projects in our portfolio.

Donald Johnson P. E. – Structural Engineer

Mr. Johnson is a trained and registered civil engineer with over twenty (20) years industry experience. His work as a structural engineer is well known in the engineering fraternity. Mr. Johnson is responsible for all design and structural monitoring of our projects.

Brainard Miller – Electrical & Computer Engineering Manager

Mr. Miller is a trained Electrical/Electronics Engineer who has worked extensively abroad in Nigeria and the United States in the field of Electrical Engineering and Computer & Communications. Over the past four (4) years he has brought a wealth of knowledge to PTS and is responsible for the management of our electrical and electronic portfolio.

Fitz Arthur Harris P. E.

P. E. # 3235, Audit # 228201127809 is a licensed professional engineer under chapter 471, Florida statutes with over thirty (30) years experience.

L. Hugh Anglin B.S MS. P. E

Mr. Angling has over thirty (30) years in engineering/mechanical designs and is license under the statute of Florida state.

Sheryl Muir – Administrator Manager

Ms. Muir is a trained personnel and marketing manager with over ten (10) years experience in personnel and administrative functions. She is responsible for all administrative and record keeping activities in the

Henry McDonald – Financial Controller

Mr. McDonald is a trained accountant with over ten (10) years in management accounting. He has worked and provided services to several renowned companies. At PTS Mr. McDonald is responsible for all accounting and financial matters and ensures the tax liabilities of the organization is satisfied.

Adia Mitchell – Senior Accountant

Ms. Mitchell is a trained accountant with over five (5) years experience in accounting. She is responsible for the day to day monitoring and management
of the companies accounts.

Michael Carr

Mr. Carr is our warehouse manager and is responsible for all procurement and dispatch of materials and equipment. He is a resource person for the accessing of heavy equipment and identification of tower parts and accessories.

Karen Carnagie

Ms. Carnagie is our resource person responsible for the day to day dispatch, health, welfare and personnel matters related to our employees. She has over
eight (8) years experience in general co-ordination include ensuring the timely supply of materials to all sites within our portfolio.

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Property & Technical Services Ltd. (PTS) provides developmental and implementation services to the construction industry with some emphasis on wireless carriers and is hereby offering its services in the area of cellular site development and associated “works” to other Caribbean and Central American interest with the hope that the benefits we offer will prove advantageous and pivotal to the development and advancement of the technology revolution. As one of the pioneer companies involved in the development of cellular sites in Jamaica, and having been directly involved with the construction of over two hundred & eighty (280) sites include associated works throughout the island. We are pleased to offer our experience and expertise to the wider Caribbean and Central American Family with the certain knowledge that we would be an asset to any client.




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Contact us (locations):

Kingston, Jamaica

George Town, Barbados

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